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What we help the veterans do for themselevs
Build a Permanent Home
A Home They Own and Built
They input their own finishing options.
They start with the base frame.
Guided by skilled craftsmen.
They build floors, walls and a roof.
They install the plumbing, heating, wiring, drywall, paint, trim and fixtures.
They install the siding, roofing, doors and windows.
Work and learn daily on their unit until completed.
Learn a Trade Skill
Taught by Skilled Tradesmen
Site layouts, wall construction, headers, cripples and drywall nailers.
Truss design, construction and installation.
Roof decking, venting, bracing, and roofing material.
Doors and windows framing and installation
Panel sizing, circuit breakers, GFCI circuits and main disconnects.
Wall and ceiling wiring circuits.
Line and low voltage wiring.
Receptacles and fixture installation.
Pipe sizing. fixture layout, fitting designs and usage.
Drain and venting systems.
Flashings and terminations.
Trim and fixture installations.
Sizing and layout designs.
Flooring preparations and sealers.
Carpet and padding installations.
Vinyl and tile installation.
Siding design.
Preparation and installation.
Access Their VA Benefits
Connect with Veteran Service Officer (VSO).
Pamphlets on Veteran benefits
Transportation needs
The Veteran’s Administration and VA Hospital.
Develop Good Life Skills
Active Community Members
Daily life skills, cooking, cleaning, sewing.
Personal Health Management.
Property and Vehicle Maintenance.
Counseling Opportunity
Healing Professionals
Family Therapist
Alternative Healing opportunities
Community Involvement
Sponsors, Contractors and Community Members
Teaching specialized classes during skill training.
Teaching product specifications and uses.
Supporting with knowledge and employment.
How a Community supports it’s members
Start a New Life
Find a Purpose and Pursue It
Develop goals.
Develop Business Knowledge
The Skills to Operate Their Own Business
Develop a business plan.
Personnel management.
Set Future Plans and Obtain Them
Short Term and Long Term
Goal implementation.
Develop Financial Stability
Saving, Checking and Budgeting
What we provide

A Secure and Supporting Community

Community Leadership, Guidance and Support

The Veteran's Temporary Place To Park while completing
their training and where family can visit and enjoy.

The Veteran's Park

Veteran's Park Picture
Plat Layout of Park
Plat Layout Picture

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